My primary imaging location is my "private pad" at the SDAA's Tierra Del Sol property. Here's a picture of my son doing his science-fair project at the pad. He was doing a study on light pollution's effect on different color filters.
Well, alright. My youngest son wanted to be on the website also.
I have done a lot of imaging in Borrego Springs, CA. I stay at Palm Canyon Resort in the RV Park where I can have the comforts of my RV, the company of my family, and dark skies! This is also the location of the Nightfall star party, which is my favorite astronomy event of the year.
The picture below is my setup at the 2009 Golden State Star Party in Adin, CA in far Northern California. It was a two-day drive from San Diego but well worth it. The observing area is on a cow-pasture on a working cattle-ranch. We were all quite thankful for the shower trucks!
Sometimes I would get desperate and setup on the roof of my house. I did this when my normal observing site at Tierra Del Sol had bad weather AND coastal San Diego has a clear night (which is rare... but when it is, the seeing sure is steady). My neighbors must have thought I was crazy!
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