Current Setups
Below are the two setups I am currently using. The mount is a Paramount MX+ from Software Bisque. I have two different scopes depending on the target I am imaging. I use the Takahashi TOA-130 for wider-fields and the Deep Sky Instruments RC10C for smaller objects requiring longer focal length. These two focal lengths are a perfect mix for imaging throughout the year and the setups are portable since I do not have a permanant observatory. The TOA-130 through the Alta U16M gives me a 2-degree field at 1.85 arc-seconds per pixel. The RC10C with the same detector gives me a 1-degree field at 1 arc-second per pixel.
Takahashi TOA-130
Deep Sky Instruments RC10C
Below is the imaging train for the TOA-130. The field is flattened for the large chip in the Alta U16M using a 67-Flattener. I use a MonsterMOAG off-axis guider and a Lodestar guide camera. The stock focuser has been replaced with a Moonlite NiteCrawler.
Below is the imaging train for the RC10C, which is roughly the same as the TOA-130 except for the rotator and flattener. The RC10C has a field corrector built into the tube-assembly and the rotator is a Van Slyke Zerotator.
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